We are accessable by buses from Mexico City to Oaxaca City. You can take a van or bus over the Oaxacan mountains which is a 6 hour ride to Pochutla and take a camioneta, collectivo or tax from there to Zipolite beach. You still have to fly to Mexico City which is the transfer hub for all of Mexico. T

For those who prefer a faster way you can fly from the Mexcio City airport to Hualtulco airport (approx. 50 miles South of Zipolite beach) in Oaxaca or to the Oaxaca City airport and transfer to another flight going to the Puerto Escondido airport. I don't believe there is a direct flight to Puerto Econdido from Mexico City, check with your travel agent for current flight routes to Oaxaca and Mexico City.

For maps of the area and other vital information concerning travel to Oaxaca please click on the link: www.tomzap.com  Tom's website is very informative about Central & Southern Mexico.

Original Content Created by Daniel Ortega
Adapted by Tina Winterlik