Service & Mission

We serve as a meditation retreat and a get away from it all community.  Escape to paradise for a much needed eco vacation. Our cabins and rooms on the hill of Shambhala overlook Playa Zipolite.

We have a restaurant and work shop (taller) available for lease, short term or long term. Our meditation point overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Cameron serves as a ceremonial site, creative activity center or for fireside chats around the Kiva (fire pit).

Our new cafe on the beach below is called, "Bohemia" which is an appropriate name for such delectable food. This is the only approved Shambhala service that serves wine and beer. The rest of Shambhala is alcohol free and we do not permit any recreational drugs on our property!  We have a very peaceful and harmonious place that embodies joy, entertainment, relaxation and fun!

Gloria Johnson the proprieter is proud to offer her place as the spring board into Southern Mexico for those looking to relocate, We have limited space available to lease or buy Shambhala owned land. We also have approx. 12 acres of undeveloped property with an access road next to the beautiful Chacalapa River in the foothills of Oaxaca. It has shade grown coffee bean trees and many types of flora and fauna. We call this land "El Encanto" and is a must see as a day trip or weekend camp out. Shambhala guests can make arrangements with Gloria to visit El Encanto.

Our mission is to live in harmony with nature and be at peace with all living things. We practice conservation along with mindfulness in our quest to be at one with the elements. Always living love in the present moment amid the awesome beauty of nature. Namaste my dear sisters and brothers of this beloved planet.

Original Content Created by Daniel Ortega
Adapted by Tina Winterlik