Saturday, October 20, 2012


Greetings and Salutations!

Shambhala is a natural rustic retreat nestled on a hillside on the Pacific Coast in Oaxaca, Mexico. We have been in operation for close to 40 years and have evolved into a colony of Bohemian tourists and expatriots from different countries. We are proud to be the only ecologically sound business in Playa Zipolite (zee-po-lee-te). The beach the Zapotecs used for grand visions on their quest for harmony with nature and the universe. Shambhala still preserves that vision for our visitors and friends of Shambhala who continue to visit our sacred space at the far end of Zipolite beach for a wonderful respite from the stress of city life. Please take a moment to visir our site, we have many blissful experiences to offer.

For those who prefer solitude, meditation or a good massage we recommend our tranquil posada. Shambhala sits on a hill and overlooks the beach of Zipolite, the back of Shambhala fronts a cliff and overlooks the majestic Cameron Bay. Our special "Loma de Meditacion" is a vortex point of etheric energy and those fortunate enough to visit this sacred location can possibly vibrate at a higher level of consciousness and experience a oneness with nature. Posada Shambhala is a great place to work on oneself as an individual or as a group. Our vision quest is to be in harmony with our natural environment and practice mindfulness. We Welcome those who wish to live, work or vacation with a sense of responsibility and respect for our earth mother.

Shambhala's caretaker and owner is open to a spiritual expansion with a group or organization who needs a unique and tranquil place to hold workshops, trainings or seminars. Shambhala's facilities can be leased out privately. Our "loma de meditacion" is perfect for a meditation center and our coffee house facility can easily be transformed into a workshop or training space. The Shambhala restaurant has a loft for an office or facilitator. Please consider our precious jewel for your next conscious evolution. Namaste

Shambhala Vision has been written up numerous times, from the Peoples Whole Earth Travel Guide to Fromers Budget Guide to Mexico. Many European tourist guides have also mentioned Shambhala as a hidden off beat resort.

One attraction to our ever popular beach are the many fabulous restaurants that line the beach. We also have a clothing optional beach and Europeans love Zipolite for that very reason, of course you have to wear a bathing suit to eat at any of the restaurants.

For the more adventurous there are many trails and roads from Shambhala leading to some very exciting places like Playa Cameron (really a huge rocky cove) just behind our place. In fact if you climb up our hill to the meditation point, you will have a spectacular vista of the deep blue pacific ocean with Zipolite's famous  Roca Blanca (white rock) in the distance and majestic Playa Cameron below the cliff.  A walk to the other end of Zipolite Beach will take you to Playa de Amor (beach of love) which is another hidden cove but much smaller with a white sandy beach. Farther west of Zipolite (10 minutes by taxi) you have a very long beach called Masunte (bathing suits required!) with a blow hole at the tip of the pinnensula. Rock climbers will delight at the varitey of rock formations along the coast from Zipolite to Masunte.

Beyond Zipolite is Puerto Angel, a small fishing village with good hotels. You also have the town of Pochutla where you can do your banking and shop for bargins at the Monday market. About 40 miles south of Pochutla you have the Huatulco International Airport and 10 miles past that you have the modern (and expensive) resort of Hautulco.

We offer our place for your group retreats and rentals. Facilitators in education, trainings, seminars and holistic programs are welcome from June to mid October. Please let us know if you are interested in offering a program or your yoga retreat at Shambhala.

Please be aware we do not take reservations at this time. Our rentals are based on a first come first serve basis. You can be put on a waiting list for rooms and cabins when you arrive if none are available at that time.       Thank you,
Original Content Created by Daniel Ortega
Adapted by Tina Winterlik